Purposeful Money Planning

While I believe that everyone can benefit from financial planning, I realize that not everyone needs the same service.

Baehr Family Financial offers a wide range of financial planning services so you can choose the solution that best fits your needs.


Purposeful Money Planning

With our Purposeful Money Planning services, we’ll take a look at your entire financial picture and make sure each piece works together effectively to help you optimize your resources and reach your goals.

With this service, clients pay one flat annual fee to work with us on an ongoing basis.  We’ll meet several times throughout the year, systematically working through each of the pieces of your finances in a coordinated manner.  And you can contact us or meet with us as much as you like to ask questions or get reassurance.  Before long, and often right from the first meeting, you’ll find a feeling of relief and peace of mind.  The Purposeful Money option includes investment management and implementation.

Learn more about our Purposeful Money Planning process here.


Financial Reviews

If you need help with a specific area of your finances, a one-time Financial Review will give you trusted advice and direction to get your finances on track.

With this service, I ask questions and collect information in our initial meeting.  Then I take time to review, analyze, and compile answers to your specific questions.  We will meet a second time to review our recommendations and look at different scenarios that may impact your situation.  You’ll leave the meeting armed with a binder full of recommendations for steps you need to take to improve your financial picture.

I offer a few different options for Financial Reviews so you can choose the one that best matches your needs.  You can find them here.


Other Services


Planning Projects

For planning issues that require more comprehensive advice than a review can give, such as a full financial plan or an investment only retainer, we offer individualized projects.  After discussing your needs, we’ll provide you with a fee proposal and timeline for your plan.

Stroudsburg Office

Hourly Consulting

Have a few questions or just need some quick advice to point you in the right direction?  We offer hourly consulting on a limited basis for those with immediate short-term needs, in our Stroudsburg office or by distance.


Tax Preparation

Stand-alone tax preparation is available in person in the Stroudsburg office or by distance.



Faith Based Planning

If you are a Christian and wish to integrate your faith and finances, please let us know.  We certainly don’t push our faith on those not interested, but are happy to include prayer and Biblical stewardship in our meetings and planning for those who desire it.



As a fee only planning firm, we work only for you, on a fee for service basis. We don’t accept any commissions or referral fees, so you can be sure that your best interest is our only interest. In many cases what you’re already paying in investment fees can buy you comprehensive financial planning and investment advice with a fee only planner.  More specific fee information is included in each service’s page.

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