The Redeeming Value of Candy Crush

Candy crush saga tutorielI don’t usually have much patience for games; I played Words with Friends for about a week, Scramble with Friends maybe two or three weeks.  A little Ruzzle here, a little there, until I reluctantly tried this dreadful game Candy Crush Saga.  It has sucked me in for at least a couple of months now.  It’s so maddening that just about every day I say I’m never playing again.  Alas…. then someone gives me a life and there we go again.

My typical method of game playing has me playing a round until I realize I can’t win, then waving the white flag and starting over.  I can’t see continuing on when I know it’s doomed.   Until I realized something while playing Candy Crush.  First, if I gave up as soon as I knew it was pointless, I would run through all my lives in about two minutes. That’s no fun. But if I kept playing, knowing I was going to lose the round, I could try out different moves to see what happened, planning strategy for the next go around. I managed to get to level 79 that way.  Although some of you are at like 583 or something.  I’m impressed and in awe.

Anyway, it got me thinking about situations in life and money where we know something’s not working out.  We can just walk away (and sometimes Dutch Messthat is best, no doubt), or we can stick it out and find the lesson in it, to do better next time, or just to learn more about ourselves or life.  Like if you adopt a dog and find out he’s not quite the one you were hoping for. Maybe a bit noisier, a bit needier, a bit messier than you bargained for.  You could give him back and claim a do-over, or you can keep him, love him, and learn life lessons from him (and use him for good stories in your blog).  Or, if you find yourself in credit card trouble, instead of ignoring it you confront it head on, make whatever drastic changes necessary to clear up the debt, and set up systems so that it doesn’t happen again.  Maybe you’ll even be glad you went through it in the end.  (Yeah, that dog nudged his cold little nose into our hearts.)

So, I have two important questions for you-

What kinds of things have you learned by persevering when it looked like a no win situation?


How do you beat level 79??


photo by: MeLY3o

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4 Responses to The Redeeming Value of Candy Crush

  1. anita bondi designs June 1, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    fun and insightful as usual!
    thinking about those places where i am scared right now and just want to stop the game but am forging ahead anyway and even a 79 looks like an amazing feat right now!
    so, i am aspiring to your heights right now and have no idea how to get to 500-something!
    even more fun: i have no idea what candy crush is….but for tonight i am persevering with the work of being alone and learning that i like my own company!

  2. paula June 8, 2013 at 5:52 am #

    Erin, I love your helpfull articles. But this one cracked me up. Dan and I are also now addicted to candy crush. Never saw it coming! Bought our first tablet just to be able to play this silly game. It can be relaxing for the most part. Dan does it better. All is well with us and I hope you have a great summer. Be well. Paula

  3. Erin Baehr June 9, 2013 at 9:49 pm #

    Keep forging ahead Anita! I’m glad you’ve learned that you like your company, as much as so many of your friends do! PS I’ll show you candy crush when I see you 🙂

  4. Erin Baehr June 9, 2013 at 9:53 pm #

    Hi Paula! It’s great to hear from you. It is a lot of fun! I think I might finally kick my chocolate habit after playing this game LOL. Glad all is well with you and Dan. Please say hello for me.

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