Well hello, Dinner Fairy

Hello FreshFor years, I have waited in vain each night for the dinner fairy to appear; alas, she did not and I would yet again accept that I would need to come up with a meal myself.  Cooking is not high on my list of fun things to do, and as my days got busier and busier, my nights cooking have dwindled.  In the past year, we’ve eaten more take out meals than I care to admit.  Not good for our health or our budget.  When my husband got sick last year, I felt guilty for having fallen down in the nutrition department, so I vowed to start cooking more and healthier.

Well that was a great plan in my head, but the reality was, if I was tired before, I was exhausted now, and it just wasn’t happening.  I finally had to take a good hard look at what was so difficult for me about it, and how I could make it work.  I realized that it wasn’t necessarily the cooking that was the challenge, but for one thing, after 26 years of deciding what was for dinner, I was tired of choosing and burnt out.  Plus I hate shopping.  Hate it.  What I needed was someone or something that could tell me what to cook and bring me the stuff to cook it with.  So I visited my friend Google to see what I could see.  Somebody else out there must need this too.

I was delighted to find that there are services out there that do that.  BlueApron was the first one I found, and it looked great, except that one of the meals delivered each week was fish, and we don’t care for fish.  Continuing my search, I found HelloFresh– no fish required and the meals looked great.  Coincidentally, my mom was looking for a Christmas gift for me, and she graciously offered to set me up for the service for a while.

what's in the box

How it works is, you sign up for a weekly service for meals for 2 or 4 people, and each week there is a standard box of different meals, both a classic box and a veggie box.  You can either accept the meal choices as they are or swap out (there are 5 meals to choose from in all). Each week the meals are different.  They send a box every Wednesday with your meal ingredients and recipe cards in dry ice. Each meal has a bag with all the ingredients you’ll need, except olive oil, sugar, salt, and pepper. Right down to the spices.  Last night we had a delicious soup with diced tomatoes, vegetables, kale, home made croutons, and pancetta.

Classic Box

We get the meal for two, and even when our daughter was home on break, there  was usually enough for us to eat dinner and lunch the next day.  It is about $10 per person per meal, so while it is more expensive than some take out, it’s less expensive than going out and I don’t have to shop.  Plus I would have had to buy groceries anyway if I were cooking.

In the four weeks we have had it, I have cooked all sorts of interesting things I never would have taken the time to.  The food is fresh, many times organic, and delicious and for me, well worth it.  We are eating healthier and I actually look forward to making dinner instead of feeling dread.



PS thanks for the gift Mom and Dad, you are the best.

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