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Q&A: How do I determine how much allowance to give my kids? | Dimespring

Should an allowance be earned by doing chores around the house, or given without being tied to performance?  I used to think the former, but my utter failure at the job chart led me to rethink that strategy.  Trying to keep track of who did what when and for how much made my brain hurt.  […]

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I love You Too Buddy_1243

Q&A: How can I afford to stay home with my baby?
 | Dimespring

Considering staying home with your new (or even older) bundle of joy?  My latest post on Dimespring will help you think it through.       The key decision point: You’ll need to weigh your newly revised living expenses against two numbers: Your combined net take home pay, minus the cost of child care, and […]

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The Good Life or the Goods Life?

This video from Produced by the Center for a New American Dream talks about ways to avoid materialism and live a life that reflects your true values. Their website has lots of great ideas for creating a sustainable community too.  Although my favorite video about consumerism is still Veggie Tales‘ “Madame Blueberry” and the Stuff […]

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Walking the Money Tightrope with Almost Grown Kids

I hate to break it to you, sleep deprived new parents; parenting teens will make you long for the days of diapers and spit up. It does get easier as the teen years wane and your child’s reasonable mind returns. But there in the fuzzy world between having grown-up children and children who don’t want […]

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Staggering Student Loan Facts

According to to this article on Total student loans outstanding are expected to reach $840.5 billion by end of September (up 10%) The 66% of the class of 2012 with student loans averaged $28,720 vs $9,320 in 1993 (according to The Treasury Dept reports docking Social Security payments of 115,000 retirees so far […]

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Play Dough

MSPC Preschool Play Dough Recipe

Here’s a recipe to make your own play dough, and save some money.  It’s a terrific recipe- not sticky, easy to make, and completely edible. It comes from Middle Smithfield Presbyterian Church Preschool in Marshalls Creek, PA, which also happens to be a great place to be a kid.   3 cups flour 1/2 cup […]

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