Wrapped Around Their Fingers

Grandchildren are so much fun!  We have three of them now; Caleb is 2, his brother Joshua 9 months; and their cousin Logan is 7 months.  We are blessed that they live nearby so we see them quite often.  It’s a lot different from raising your own kids- the things they do that I would have felt compelled to correct as a parent I can laugh at as a grandma.  Like Caleb wiping his frosting filled face on our tablecloth the other night.

It’s much harder to resist spoiling them too.  And that, I believe, is a universal grandparent weakness!  If spoiling beyond your means is something you wrestle with, you might enjoy this article I contributed to from the Pocono Record’s Sage magazine.

Seniors should be wary of spending too much on grandchildren

December 5, 2012

by Jim Radenhausen



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