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KAQ-Logo-4clrSome professional news to share today (below).  I’m honored to be part of Kingdom Advisors, especially because of our ties to Larry Burkett, who founded Kingdom Advisors with Ron Blue.  Larry made a huge impact on my life (and many others) back in the 80’s and 90’s and was my professional inspiration to go into financial planning.  I learned so much listening to his radio shows “How to Manage Your Money” and “A Money Minute” on WAWZ (now Star 99.1) and reading his books like “Business by the Book”, “Debt Free Living,” and “Your Finances in Changing Times.”  Several of his works are on my office bookshelf and available to borrow.

Wikipedia has this interesting description of Larry’s book “The Coming Economic Earthquake,” published in 1991:  “Burkett delineated growing federal deficits and the ever increasing use of debt by business and households out of control. Burkett points out those severe economic times will appear sometime shortly after the millennium, unless current polices are changed. Burkett believed that Keynesian economic policies, with ideals for continuing federal deficits and the implicit preference for higher levels of consumption, reduced saving, and a larger role for government in the economy, are a means to disaster. Burkett wrote that as interest on the debt consumes a larger and larger portion of the yearly federal budget, and more money is borrowed each year to pay the interest on what was borrowed in previous years, there will be a temptation to “monetize” the debt at an increasing rate; this would lead to a calamity not seen since the Great Depression. Burkett questioned whether or not elected leaders would take action in time to prevent fiscal chaos, and believed they would not.”  I may need to re-read this one.

Erin A. Baehr, CFP™, EA receives the Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ designation from Kingdom Advisors.

 Atlanta, GA. – 3/23/2013 – Erin A. Baehr, CFP™, EA of Baehr Family Financial, LLC in Stroudsburg, PA and Randolph, NJ has received the Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ designation from Atlanta-based Kingdom Advisors, Inc. The Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ is granted to financial professionals who have met high standards in training, integrity, character, and competence as an advisor, leader, and counselor.

Qualified Kingdom Advisors™ are individuals who have demonstrated themselves to be:

Believers in Jesus Christ – by pledging agreement with the Kingdom Advisors Statement of Faith and providing a personal testimony of accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Able to Apply Biblical Wisdom in Counsel – by successfully completing the Kingdom Advisors Core Training, participating in on-going training courses, and committing to incorporate biblical principles in their financial advice.

Technically Competent – by providing evidence of an approved professional designation (varying by discipline) or having at least 10 years full-time experience in their discipline.

Ethical and of Integrity – by agreeing to espouse and practice the Kingdom Advisors Code of Ethics, maintain active local church involvement, as well as providing pastoral and client letters of reference.

Biblical Stewards – by pledging that they practice biblical stewardship in their personal and professional life and giving regularly in proportion to their income.

Ron Blue, president of Kingdom Advisors, describes the individuals who attain this designation as, “trained and committed to be people of character who, from a biblical worldview, serve clients with biblical financial advice on how to best meet the goals God has given them as stewards of the finances entrusted to them.”

To visit the national directory of Qualified Kingdom Advisors or receive more information on the Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ designation, please visit




For more information on Kingdom Advisors or the Qualified Kingdom Advisor™ designation, contact Rob West at [email protected] or 404-497-7680.


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