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In the course of Project Pretend Move, I went through every single drawer, cabinet, box, and closet in our house.  Every single one. I am aware of what is in all nooks and crannies and the things we kept we kept for a reason.  We probably pared down 1/3 of our belongings- much of which was left behind by our kids when they moved out.  For most of my adult life my house has belonged to my kids- what a feeling to realize we could make their rooms into anything we wanted! Okay, so we put toys and little chairs into one for our grandkids so we’re kind of back where we started, but still, it could be a grown up room if we wanted LOL.

Here are some of the tools we used:

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown is a great book that I read this summer, and it inadvertently put me in the frame of mind I needed to carry out our purge.

That’s where I got the rule, “if you wouldn’t buy it today, get rid of it.”  It’s meant for much more than just cleaning out closets; it’s about managing your life to avoid feeling stretched too thin or like your time is at the mercy of other people’s agendas.  It’s about making the main thing the main thing and I highly recommend it.







Home Depot’s Gladiator shelving system goes together in about 15 minutes tops and the price is less than buying the wood and building it yourself.












I used IKEA’s Variera plastic bag holder in my pantry to hold plastic bags, and also on the back of a closet door to store wrapping paper rolls.


20141008_192652 ikea







This wasn’t exactly organization, but instead of having the nasty litter box out in the open in our mud room, I made a new box out of a plastic bin and hid it under a table. (thank you again Pinterest)  All I did was cut a hole in the side.  Tried a hole in the top for a neat top entry but the cats would have none of it.  Guess I wouldn’t want to climb in a portapotty through the ceiling either.







I got way more giddy over this than a normal person should but being 5’1″ makes getting spices out of an overhead cabinet dangerous (for you less vertically challenged people that’s because six containers will fall out on your head when all you want is the cinnamon).  This little guy keeps them handy at waist level.

Expand a Drawer Spice Organizer









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