Spring will come, I promise!

Snowy CrocusI don’t know anyone in the Northeast (and some in the South too) who wouldn’t agree that this has felt like the never ending winter.  We know rationally that spring will come, because it does every year.  But in the middle of these cold days, did you ever start to wonder if this will be the year it snows until July?

Judging the months to come by what has just happened is known in the investing world as “recency bias.”  In investing, it means that when the markets are down we start to think they’ll never come back up, and when they’re up, that they’ll never go back down.

That can apply too in many areas of life- we have new college graduates who may think that the job market will always be this challenging, young moms who think they may never sleep again, or even those who don’t buy life insurance because they haven’t needed it yet.

I’m thinking today of folks going through tough times financially or otherwise, who feel as though their situation will never change.  When it’s cold and dark so many days in a row, it’s awfully hard to see easier or brighter times ahead.  Usually, when we go through something difficult, it lasts a while, but then it resolves and all is well till the next dark season. Kind of like a story plot. But sometimes, those seasons last so long, and are so hard, that we begin to believe it is permanent.  And you know what?  Empty Tomb 2 (K)Sometimes those circumstances are permanent.  I wish I could say otherwise.   But what I can tell you is that even when the circumstances of the season don’t change, or don’t change quickly enough, the season itself can change.  We can go on and have spring in our lives, even when there’s still snow on the ground.  We can find strength we never knew we had, we can find hope and peace in something bigger than ourselves and our circumstances.  If you are interested in where my hope comes from, you can read it here.

Springtime will come.  Even when it takes a really long time.  We have those random 70 degree days in April to remind us of that.

To those who celebrate Passover this week, I wish you a blesssed time of remembrance.  And a joyous Easter to those celebrating the risen Christ.  

Have you paid off mountains of debt?  Overcome a financial hardship you thought you’d never see the end of? If you have overcome difficult financial circumstances and would like to share your story (anonymously) as an encouragement to others, I would love to hear about it, in the comments below or privately through email.




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