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It’s your two minute (tax) warning

While most of you have been enjoying fun October things like baseball playoffs, pumpkins, and baking (or eating) apple pies, we tax professionals have been busy working on all of those tax returns that didn’t quite make it for April 15 but surely wouldn’t wait until the very last minute- which is MONDAY the 15th.  […]

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Tackle Those Money Goals

You can never be too rich or too thin. While I don’t think Wallis Simpson is quite right about that, it does speak to two of the most popular resolutions made each new year: To lose weight and save money. Neither is complicated — to lose weight you need a calorie deficit; to save money, […]

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Cut up Dollar Bill

If you like your tax refund, you can keep it (maybe)

It’s been six months now since the IRS gave out raises, have you been enjoying yours? Back in February the IRS adjusted the tax withholding tables to take out less federal income tax based on anticipated savings under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. That’s nice to give out the savings in advance, but the […]

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Torn & Cut One Dollar Note Floating Away in Small $ Pieces

Spend it once, spend it wisely

“Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.” ~John Wesley You can only spend a dollar once.  Seems obvious, doesn’t it?  But have you ever gotten a bonus or a cash gift and thought of all the things you could do with it and then realized that you spent it in […]

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File Aug 16, 4 11 18 PM

Road map for your new car lease

If you’ve read my articles for any length of time, you may have noticed I’ve leaned toward the frugal side of spending for well, most of my life.  Recently though I’ve learned to loosen up and allow myself some wants as well as needs, and to spend a little extra for things that add beauty […]

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Will the new tax cut cut into your auto deductions?

One not so frequently mentioned provision in the new tax law is the complete elimination of miscellaneous itemized deductions.  Because the deduction was only helpful to the extent that they exceeded 2% of adjusted gross income, just a minority of taxpayers used it.  But for those that did, especially those who qualified because of unreimbursed […]

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