My Obamacare Experience (thus far)

I’ve been waiting to see the details of the insurance plans available through Obamacare, so first thing the morning of October 1 I clicked over to to check it out.  I was unpleasantly surprised to find out registration is required to get any info (other insurance quoting sites I’ve utilized in the past only require a few pieces of info like date of birth, location, and gender).

Later that afternoon I had time to set up an account.  Amusing observation- you can pick a username between 6 and 74 characters.  74?  Oh well, pressing on.  As you probably have heard by now, a glitch with the security drop down questions prevented registration for the first several days.  I tried every so often for the rest of the week, alternating between getting the message to please wait my turn when the site was busy, and getting missing drop down menus for the security questions.  At one point I tried making up answers to the missing questions just to see if it would work (nope).  Finally by Saturday night I was able to choose my questions and get through the process.

This didn’t work.


They were actually different answers, but okay.

As I went through the process, it was a bit disturbing to have to enter Social Security numbers, income information (if you want to know if you’re eligible for a subsidy), and verify your identity.  All I wanted to do was play around with various scenarios to research rates for clients.  But all the warnings about false information made it clear that wasn’t going to work.  Finally I got to the end, only to find out that you have to submit the application before you get any options at all.  I stopped short there.  It was very frustrating- I want to know what the plan details are, the costs, the out of pocket, the networks, and so forth but it wasn’t happening.

This week, a client and I worked through the process together, but ran into more computer glitches. We called the number to apply by phone and a very nice man named Bernard helped us by reading the online application to us and inputting the answers.  Unfortunately, that was two days ago and we still know nothing.  Not to worry though, Bernard assured us we would have info before January.

In the meantime a friend referred her to a site that she passed on to me, Einsurance.  They have plan details available on their site, without having to go through the rigamarole.

I haven’t had much time to delve into specifics, but here are a few examples of what I found.  There are many available.  I picked one from each class of Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  These are just a few of the plan details, and rates are before any subsidies.  Network links are available on the site as well.  I hope this breakdown is helpful.

26 year old female, non smoker in Monroe County Pennsylvania

Options- Blue Cross and HealthAmerica One


By the way, the cost calculator isn’t giving your out of pocket exposure, but rather the amount you can save by using the plan rather than paying cash with no insurance.  For the major event from the middle column above, here’s how they are getting that number:

A family in Morris County New Jersey, parents age 40, 10 year old son, 12 year old daughter, non smokers:

(Amerihealth was only option)


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