Q&A: How do I determine how much allowance to give my kids? | Dimespring

Kids cleaningShould an allowance be earned by doing chores around the house, or given without being tied to performance?  I used to think the former, but my utter failure at the job chart led me to rethink that strategy.  Trying to keep track of who did what when and for how much made my brain hurt.  Plus when you have a child whose mission in life was to challenge your every requirement (or so it seemed), a job chart was asking for a fight where a fight needn’t be.

What worked for me was to give an allowance based on age, and assign chores based on what needed to get done around the house, with non-monetary rewards and consequences.  Withholding a dollar for not cleaning the bathroom sink wasn’t quite as effective in our family as saying you can’t go to baseball practice until the sink is cleaned.  My latest post on Dimespring has more.

Every family’s different of course, so I’m curious- what works (or worked)  in your family?  Girl Cleaning Up With Broom and Trash Bags

Q&A: How do I determine how much allowance to give my kids? | Dimespring.


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