Money, and Life, on Purpose

With our Purposeful Money Planning process, we take a look at your entire financial picture and make sure each piece works together effectively to help you optimize your resources and reach your goals.

We’ll meet several times throughout the year, systematically working through each of the pieces of your finances in a coordinated manner.  And you can contact us or meet with us as much as you like to ask questions or get reassurance. This ongoing planning service includes investment management and implementation. You may also add on tax preparation for seamless financial and tax integration.

Smart financial planning considers all the pieces of your finances, not just one or two. While each part of your plan has its own purpose, none exist in a vacuum; they are dependent upon each other.  Through our Purposeful Money Plan process, we look at your entire financial picture and make sure the pieces add up to be an effective, purposeful whole.

Through this comprehensive service, we help our clients with a wide range of financial issues:

  • Financial Basics and Cash Flow Planning
  • Life Planning and Goal Setting
  • Portfolio Review
  • Investment Strategy and Implementation
  • Financial Independence and Retirement Planning
  • Stock Options Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Insurance and Employee Benefit Planning
  • Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning
  • Education Funding
  • Charitable Giving
  • Other individualized issues

When we advise you, we always start with the “why.” We can’t help you make the best decisions for your finances unless we know where you want to go. So we ask a lot of questions and we are very interested in hearing your story.  Those details may seem off track, but really they help to create our track.

Investment Management

We subscribe to the Matson Method of investing, and our process is one based on extensive scholarship and Nobel Prize winning investing science, and eliminates the myths of stock-picking and market-timing from portfolio management.

The Matson Method brings the most powerful academic investing principles together into a highly disciplined approach to asset allocation and long term wealth creation. In particular, we integrate Modern Portfolio Theory, Three Factor Model, and the Efficient Market Hypothesis into portfolios designed and engineered to capture market returns.

The Matson Method integrates leading research in behavioral economics, finance, neuropsychology, and the field of human performance studies into an innovative and powerful investing science. Our work helps transform peoples’ relationship to money, fully including both the mathematical and the human dimensions of wealth creation.

Especially in these unpredictable and unprecedented times, we believe the Matson Method of investing to be the optimal way to manage your portfolio.

Contact us to schedule a no-obligation get acquainted meeting to see if this is the right fit for you.


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